A solid foundation

Pureed/strained food is like building a house: A house is only ever as good as its foundations. It follows from this that the quality of the puree is crucial to high, standardized smoothfood quality. In most cases, a normal hand blender fails to do the job properly for the following reasons:

  • Everyone purees food differently

  • It is often impossible to produce a puree with no bits, above all from fibrous vegetables (e.g. asparagus, kohlrabi) and especially meat, or else it needs a second processing step (e.g. straining through a sieve).


For these reasons, we recommend using a professional blender or pacotizer when preparing smoothfood.

Here you can find further information about various appliances suitable for pureeing or pacotizing food:

These appliances guarantee puree of a consistent quality and 100 % product safety (absolutely no bits).


Here you can see Gelea cold being used: