Pureed-/-stained food in reshaped form

Stained, pureed and gelled food

helps with chewing and swallowing difficulties

Dysphagia or chewing and swallowing disorders as a result of old age or illness necessitate meals in pureed/strained form. This makes chewing superfluous and swallowing easier.

With smoothfood, it’s possible to produce high-quality pureed/strained food in a reshaped form, which consists solely of the pureed/strained food, liquid (broth, stock or similar) and a vegetarian, allergen-free and neutral-tasting gelling agent. The ratio of pureed food in the end product is always at least 70 %.

The meals produced according to the smoothfood principle can hardly be distinguished from the real thing in terms of appearance and taste - thanks to the help of modern, inexpensive texturizers and silicone moulds.

Pureed food as a full meal with carrot foam, peas and smoked pork chop.

Fortifying food to make it a high-caloric meal is also easy. Simply replace part of the liquid with high-quality vegetable oils, butter or cream. The soft gel structure leads to increased aroma release and thus to greater stimulation of the affected person’s appetite.