Foam Food

Fotografie Katharina Jaeger ©2011

Eases food intake

with soft consistency and intesive taste

Foam food is used for particularly pronounced chewing and swallowing disorders where the intake of pureed/strained food in a reshaped form is hardly possible or no longer possible at all.

With smoothfood, it is possible to produce high-quality compact foams (with a consistency like soft ice cream) based on liquid (e.g. coffee, juice) or liquidied food (e.g. salad, cake). These foams consist solely of the food itself and a vegetarian, allergen-free and neutral-tasting foam stabilizer.

The creamy consistency allows food intake without a lot of chewing. Through additional fortification (e.g. with high-qualitiy vegetable oil, butter) foam food can be served as a high-caloric main course or snack. Smoothfood foam stimulates the appetite of the person affected.

Fotografie Katharina Jaeger ©2011

Spuma instant

Here you can see Spuma instant being used.